100g Chilli Droewors

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Love bold flavors? Fire up your taste buds with Sithundu’s Chilli Droewors, a traditional South African air-dried sausage with a fiery twist.

What is Chilli Droewors?

Made from air-cured beef, Sithundu’s Chilli Droëwors takes inspiration from the classic Droëwors but adds a kick of chili peppers for an extra layer of heat. This unique drying process creates a distinctive texture and intensifies the flavor of the spices.

A fiery on-the-go snack: Sithundu’s Chilli Droewors is packed with protein, making it perfect for adventurous eaters, hikers, campers, or anyone craving a spicy treat.

Experience authentic South African flavors with a fiery twist! Order your Sithundu Chilli Droewors online today and embark on a taste bud adventure.

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