Sithundu's Story

Sithundu is an intimate family business built from love and passion for making biltong. Sithundu’s aim is to preserve this taste of a beef snack. We aim to share this taste with you and your friends. Biltong is a high protein snack that can go a long way to maintaining a healthy diet. Our snack packs can be taken anywhere, work, gym, picnic, school and many other places. We are committed to providing the best-tasting biltong in the market. Enjoy with us.

Our affordability, fast and reliable delivery, and the fact that you will always be able to find the biltong taste that you are looking for in our varieties, have made us stand out in the market, but they are simply symptoms of our dedication to what we are doing and our desire to constantly keep making biltong. We know that in order to do that, we need to keep in close touch with our customers and listen to their suggestions and critiques.

Feedback from customers

@freddyzw - 12 Sep, 2022

@sithundu -Just had some of your biltong,and i must admit am loving it.

@masibanda - 25 Oct, 2022

Ha dovi is my favourite..especially nekasadza so paside lol

Madzibaba Terry
@madzidaddy - 15 Apr, 2022

I love the original, taste of home..you know that rich flavour yekumusha iya

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